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In search of commercial or medical office space for rent in Phoenix? Plaza Companies offers medical, office, retail, industrial and flex space across Phoenix, with direct lease, sublease and timeshare options available. Compared with purchasing, leasing offers lower move-in and occupancy costs, more liquidity, notable tax benefits and greater flexibility.


Explore available commercial and medical office space for rent in Phoenix below. To request a showing or information about a particular property, call Plaza Companies at 623.972.4400, email or contact the party listed directly on the property profile.

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The decision to seek out Phoenix, AZ commercial real estate, and medical office space for rent was likely an easy one, but you may find that the process of actually locating the perfect property is a bit more complicated. Fortunately, you can call upon the industry expertise of a commercial real estate broker to simplify the experience.

Plaza Companies has many brokers available to assist as you embark on your journey to put down roots in the ideal commercial location. There are plenty of reasons to select Phoenix as your business’ home, but it’s still important to learn about the commercial real estate market in this bustling city before committing to a property.

Phoenix Commercial Real Estate for Lease and Rent

Arizona’s capital city also happens to be the fifth-largest city in the entire country; Phoenix itself has a population of around 1.6 million, with the metro area boasting a total number of residents in the range of 4.5 million. This brings a phenomenally large potential customer base to any business that chooses to operate in the Phoenix area.

In addition to very healthy and steady population growth, Phoenix has an incredibly strong economy; in fact, the city is consistently rated as having one of the fastest-growing economies in the country, with particular emphasis in industries like IT, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

The strong economy in Phoenix means that the job market is very healthy, leading to residents with more expendable income than in many other places. Essentially, Phoenix is a diverse and growing community full of individuals from varying backgrounds who have the means to help new businesses thrive.

No matter which vertical you’re hoping to explore with your business in Phoenix, there is virtually limitless growth potential in this city, and there are many commercial spaces available to help bring your goals to fruition.

Why Plaza Companies?

Selecting Phoenix as the landing place for your business is the easy part; choosing your real estate broker is much more difficult. Plaza Companies is a leader in the development, acquisition, management, and leasing of high-quality properties, so we understand the time and effort that goes into every aspect of this industry.

Whether you’re in the market for office, medical, mixed-use, senior living, or research properties in Phoenix, Plaza Companies can assist. Contact us today to find the ideal commercial property for your business.

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Whether you are looking to us for management, leasing or development services, we can help you find the perfect space. With over 40 years of experience, you can trust Plaza Companies to assist you with your real estate needs.